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What about warranties?

RRS roofing warranties are based on the type of shingle you choose.

Why does your roof leak?

There are many reasons a shingle roof may leak. Usually, roofs leak from a break in the waterproofing layer sometimes from an opening in the sealer such as pitch pans and caulking, and sometimes from deterioration or defects in the roofing materials. The key roof management task is leak avoidance. You can continually search for and correct defects or you can buy a new roof from RRS with an outstanding warranty to avoid all the aforementioned problems.

How long should your roof last?

Like any building component, roofs degrade at different rates depending on a large number of factors: the quality of the original construction, the level of abuse, the level of maintenance, appropriateness of design and others. So how long should a roof last? We have seen poorly designed and badly installed roofs go as few as six or seven years before they failed. We have also seen well designed and installed roofs last for a very long time. Most building owners, roofing contractors and designers feel 20 years is an acceptable service life.

Can you cover over your existing roof?

Installing a roof over the top of an existing roof is generally acceptable under these guidelines:?1) A building cannot have more than two roofs; 2) No wet insulation can be left in place; 3) The roof structure must be able to handle the additional roof load; 4) The new roof must be attached to the roof deck to meet wind loads (it is not generally acceptable to adhere the new roof to the old roof).

What do you need to do to prepare for the installation of your new roof?

The experts at RRS will advise you of any additional steps that need to occur prior to beginning construction.  Make sure to clear your driveway and items directly surrounding your home for easy access and staging of building materials.

What shingle colors and styles are available?

RRS offers a very wide variety of shingle colors and styles for you to choose from. Ask your sales associate for more details.

How can you get samples of roofing products?

Call RRS to arrange an in home, no obligation presentation of all the roofing products available. A full range of samples will be available for your review as you make your decision.

How will new shingles look on your roof?

Your home is going to look amazing with your new roof on it!

What is the best roof for your home?

Call RRS to schedule an in home consultation where we will help you determine the best roof for your home. The key to selecting the proper roof for your home is identifying the perfect combination of appearance and budget requirements.

When is the best time to install a new roof?

The optimum time to install a new roof is when the temperatures are above freezing and the wind and rain are of the lowest intensity and frequency.

How do I know my roof has failed?

Different types of roofs fail at different rates with different failure modes. The most frequent failure clues are: Does the roof leak in numerous locations? Do leaks continue despite repeated repair attempts? Do repairs seem to make leaks worse, or do new leaks develop after repairs? How tolerant is the occupancy to leaks? Low leak tolerance generally means the “failure” decision is reached earlier. It is generally better to re-roof at the appropriate juncture, rather than pouring money and time into ill-advised repairs. A call to RRS will help you make these very important decisions.

How much does a new roof cost?

Before we can tell you how much your new roof will cost, we will need to know what it involves. We understand your worries about budgets and keeping project cost under control. We have your concerns in mind and that is why we recommend that a RRS Sales Associate visit your home for a no obligation, assessment of your roofs’ condition and cost to re-roof. You will then be in a position to make a qualified, intelligent decision.

What is an architectural or dimensional shingle?

Unlike standard 3-tab, or strip shingles, which are single layer in design, a growing number of shingles are multi-layered or laminated. This gives that very desired 3 Dimensional appearance.

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